The “Assumption” Wooden Church from Sadu village

The church is located in the center of the village and it has been declared a historical monument. The exact date of its construction has not been documented, nor has any evidence been found in this regard. The boat-shaped church has no side aisles, its roof is covered with tiles, and it has only one tower. The walls are made of fir wood and are plastered with lime. The tower is also made of fir but it is entirely covered in galvanized steel, except for the roof, covered with tiles. In 1958, in the narthex, an attic was built for the choir. More importantly, this small wooden church houses icons painted in oil, on a wooden board, icons dating from the early nineteenth century. This board sits above the Holy Altar and bears the signature of “Ioan Boicean painter”. The other four icons on the iconostasis are made by the same painter.

The church is on the new list of historical monuments in LMI code: SB-II-m-B-12530.

Sursa text/foto: & Țetcu Mircea Rareș


Adresa: Str. Principală 254, comuna Sadu, județul Sibiu.
Preot: Neagoe Gheorghe