Ortodox church dedicated to “St. Nicholas” from Tălmaciu

Few in number until 1918, Romanians have had neither a school, nor a church in Tălmaciu. After the unification in 1918, people had to go to church in Tălmăcel. After the school was built, a small chapel was erected, but it was not enough for the Romanians. Their asked their bishop in 1937 for a stable priest. Their wish was be fulfilled when priest Ioan Branea from Boiţa was appointed to the parish, a man that put all his energy into the community, in order to build the church and organize the parish.

The priest’s efforts and the people’s generosity made this dream a reality after the work plan and cost estimate had been made by architect A. Cernea of Sibiu.

They began the construction of the new church, which was raised to the roof by 1938. But money sources dried up quickly and therefore, between 1939 and 1940, the work did not continue. In 1941, despite the loud cannon booms that could be heard all over Europe, particularly with the support of Al. Stefanescu, president of Romanofir, the roof was finished as well. Once the finishing touches were made, the exterior and interior paintings were finished and the iconostasis and kliros were done, on August 15, 1942, the church dedicated to “St. Nicholas” is consecrated by the Metropolitan of Transylvania, Nicolae Bălan.

Built in a Byzantine style, the church is very much alike cathedral St. Sophia in Constantinople and the Orthodox Cathedral of Sibiu. The iconostasis is made of oak and was sculpted by Rudolf Lorenz from Sibiu. The icons on the iconostasis are painted in oil on plywood by painter Oh. Belizarie from Pitesti and the model of the church is made of aluminum by mechanic Alexandrii Szabo from Tălmaciu.

In 1977 a 700 kg bell was placed in one of the church’s towers, whose sound can be heard throughout the village. Since the installation work for the church bell affected the paint, the interior was repainted between 1980 and 1984, by painter Ioan Căzăilă from Sibiu.

On May 26, 1985 the church was consecrated by the Metropolitan of Transylvania, Antonie Plămădeală.

The following priests shepherded the people of Tălmaciu:

– Ioan Branea (1937-1951)

– Petru Casian (1951-1964)

– Ioan Circov (1964-1969)

From 1969-2010, priest Mircea Cretu served for more than 40 years, putting his whole life into the service of the Church and the believers, along with priests Simion Rusu and Ilie Gusan.

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