Evangelical vicarage from Tălmaciu

Evangelical vicarage Tălmaciu represents a heritage of national interest and is registered with the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage Institute with number SB-II-MB-12569.

The vicarage located in the north – west of the church has its current form from 1718. The old vicarage burned as it is known this year. This event is reminded by a memorial plaque on the narrow side of the house, on the opposite side of the street, with the following inscription: “Parochia igne nocturno malitioso 1718  die 26 aug. supposito incinerata extruebatur partim elecmosynis civium Cib. partium ecclesiae existentibus And.Teutsch IRNS Georg Werder CP.ac Vette I.G. Vette M.D. Castel PT Georg Belselio pastore loci anno salutis 1719 m. Iunio. “

According to this inscription, the vicarage burned on 26th August 1718, was raised again in 1719 through the support of the citizens of Sibiu.

The Vicarage and the church is on the list of protected monuments. The vicarage has also a small atrium, a larger household yard and a large garden.

Datare: 1719

Adresa: Str. Bălcescu Nicolae Nr. 113, orașul Tălmaciu, județul Sibiu.