“La Izvorul Dorului” Folklore Festival

Romanian cultural events used to be cultural sittings organized in order to clarify some issues troubling the life of the village, or to read books. They were held on Sundays or during winter. An important role was assigned to teachers, who completed the sittings’ program with artistic programs: school choirs, folk dances, poetry reading.

The desire of preserving local habits led to the formation of folk dance groups. The first popular dance band belonged to the “Firul Roșu” Factory, then another belonging to the House of Pioneers (nowadays known as the Students’ Club) under the leadership of the talented Silvia Macrea.

10 years ago, Tălmaciu High School folk group was founded under the name “Acasă la români” (At the Romanians’ Home). Talented students participated in cultural events in the country and abroad (Italy, France, Finland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland), enjoying great success.

There are some events that have become tradition in the village. Each year the “La Izvorul Dorului” National Folklore Festival for children and young people takes place in early May. This festival has a large participation from all over the country. We note several ensembles that participated in all editions held so far: “Transylvania” from Sălişte, “Mugurelul” from Oradea, “Poieniţa” from Poieni / Cluj, “Românaşul” from Cluj, “Citera cu dor” from Ciuruleasa /Alba, “Rapsozii Târnavelor” from Micăsasa / Sibiu, “Mărginenii” from Orlat/Sibiu, “Mugur de castan” from Tismana, the Macedo-Romanian Ensemble “Lea Muşata Armana” from Stejaru / Tulcea, “Oltencuţele” from Turnu Severin.

Venue: House of Culture Tălmaciu
Promoter: Tălmaciu city hall
Phone: +40.269.555.401