The Broken Tower from Boița

The Broken Tower (Halbertum, Turnul Spart), the defense system’s third fortification, was built inside the gorge, just 5 km away from Turnu Rosu. The 20 meter high building had shooting windows at three levels and walls about four meters thick at the base. The conical roof was made of tile.

In 1493, after a Turkish invasion that plundered the land of Sibiu, the King Ladislau of Hungary decided to build a massive tower not too far away from Turnu Rosu, in order to ensure the pass’s security.

In the nineteenth century, it was considered a roman tower, part of the “Gate of Traian”, because many of his troops passed through here, when invading Dacia. The Broken Tower was clearly a border fortification and an important customs point between Wallachia and Transylvania. Placed in such a way as to control the road on the banks of Olt River, from Cîineni to Boiţa, the fortification also had a wall beginning on the mountainside, with an archway over the road, which finished right in the river bed.

The Broken Tower, however, had a short life. The great flood of 1532 ruined the massive tower, only half of it still standing, the half near the river. Archaeological excavations undertaken in 1991 revealed traces of medieval fortifications, of the buildings constructed later on, also highlighting some burning or deposit levels resulting from floods.

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