Let’s work with Avrig / Recipes with stories from secateurs

Let's work with Avrig / Recipes with stories from secateurs
Sitting in Tara Făgărașului - Come and work in Avrig, autumn edition.
Miss you to see us again? We too.
That's why we invite you to sit down at Avrig.
As we have already been accustomed to, the meeting of the settlers from the Fagaras country and not only restores old connections between communities. Traveling seating.
We expect you to come with spontaneous work and because we are in a county that has a gastronomic theme this year, we also welcome you with kindness after:
There will be no music, games, good will and a collection of apricots and shirts from our grandparents' boxes.
We meet in the Pavilion Hall, do not forget the cries, the songs of the satyrs and the work.
This was not the only pretext for meeting, because we know how to change patterns, but also recipes with stories, people also know how to get involved or learn new techniques to work the thread. Yes, the stories are not lazy in our Cairo, we just know:
Beat her good luck
That I don't add them to the seam.
Name them with luck
And his feet at play.
Beat her good luck
That she's good at breaking.
He cried better,
His hands worked.

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