Education in Tălmaciu

In 1924 the construction of the new school begins. Completed in 1926, though small, comprising an extra classroom accommodation for the headmaster, it will welcome the 32 students enrolled in the school year 1926-1927. The inauguration was done with all due pomp on September 12, 1926.

The first teacher of the new school was Ion Mânduc. On October 8, 1922, a new teacher arrives, by the name of Toma Mihai. He remains here until September 1924, when Nicolae Tătoiu is appointed teacher. In 1927 teacher Toma Târșia from Tălmăcel arrives at the school.

Bonfert will open the school canteen, where 24 children received meals prepared daily by teachers Maria Târșia and Maria Marcu.

The primary school in Tălmaciu used to have an agricultural plot of 210 square meters. This garden was established in 1927 by teacher Toma Târșia, in order to put theoretical knowledge into practice. The school also has a library.

The school had a number of 19 classrooms and laboratories, most of which were built after 1960. Today the number of students has decreased, therefore only 8 classrooms remain. Currently, a number of 200 children study here, taught by a staff of 25 teachers and professors.

In 1936, on the 1st of November, the “School for small children” was founded, in order to watch over the children of those who worked in one of the city’s two factories. This institution will become a part-time kindergarten.

Nowadays there are two public kindergartens and a private one, belonging to the Christian Gospel Cult, all of them having exemplary equipment and devoted teachers.

The industrial development of the city, the demographic growth and the interest in the development of education will lead to establishing the local high school in 1961: Tălmaciu High School. The building in which courses took place was provided by the “Firul Roșu” Company. Later on, the high school moved into a new, modern building that had eight classrooms and laboratories. This was the place where many of the village children were molded, children that returned as doctors, teachers, or engineers after completing their studies.

Today, the “Johannes Lebel” Economic School Group, previously known as Tălmaciu Theoretical High School, includes preschool (“Căsuța Poveștilor” kindergarten) and grades from 1st to 12th. The high school has a services profile (tourism technician – the orientation towards such a profile is due to the development of the county’s tourism and the option to continue studying at one of the faculties in Sibiu), SAM (caterer / waiter), post-secondary school (forestry technician), having more than 600 students studying in 25 classrooms, guided by a team of 25 teachers who seek to inspire children’s interest in learning, but also love and respect for all the moral values of our people. This educational establishment has come to this form after several stages: Theoretical High School (1961-1978), School no. 2 (1978-1994), Theoretical High School (1994-2000), “Johannes Lebel” High School (2000-2005) and “Johannes Lebel” Economic School Group since 2005.