Turnu Roșu Monastery

One does not know the exact date of construction of the old monastery, demolished by the end of the eighteenth century (in 1761) by general Bucow, in order to satisfy empress Maria Theresa’s desire of preventing the ingress of the Orthodox faith in Transylvania, from beyond the Carpathian Mountains. Among its ruins, a brick bearing a timestamp (1601) and an oak roof plank carved with the inscription “1661” were found. A small church was erected again on these grounds in 1850. A wooden chapel was built in 1990, right next to the old church (renovated in 1985). Turnu Rosu Monastery was consecrated in 1994.

Celebration: The Assumption (celebrated on the first Sunday after August 15th)

Access: E81 route Sibiu-Tălmaciu, then make right towards Podu Olt, following the sign;

Abbot:  priest Petroniu Tănase

Accommodation: 20 places

Address: No. 704 Valea Caselor Street, Turnu Rosu village 557 285, Sibiu County