Motel Popas Talmaciu

It is compulsory to go south to the Southern Carpathians through Tălmaciu. Locality 20 kilometers from Sibiu, at the confluence of the rivers Sadu and Cibin, Tălmaciu, from a settlement of farmers became a small industrial center and witnessed many warrior events. Currently, Tălmaciu is a city in full economic development. Motel Popas Tălmaciu has 12 rooms. They are spacious, offering all the comfort you need for rest. The rooms have their own bathroom, balcony and are equipped with everything you need to stay up to date with the latest news: cable TV, internet and, in order to ensure comfort, in summer, the rooms are equipped with air conditioning. The rooms of the Motel Popas Tălmaciu are modernly furnished, the comfort note being given by the shades of cream and brown, with blue tones for ennobling the atmosphere. In the motel there are two apartments, five twin rooms, four rooms with double bed and one room with three beds. A chic note gives the interior staircase of the Popas Tălmaciu Motel whose railings are interestingly crafted from wrought iron. The motel’s restaurant has a generous space allocated to the motel’s ground floor. Here, you can serve any meal of the day. The space is modernly furnished and the tones of the accessories are, like those of the rooms, cream and brown tones, with touches of blue. The restaurant of Motel Popas Tălmaciu is clean and the atmosphere is relaxed. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all the tables of the restaurant were beautifully arranged and ready for the arrival of the customers. The service is prompt and professional. The menu of the restaurant of the Motel Popas Tălmaciu is rich in dishes inspired by the traditional local cuisine, but also from the international cuisine. The ingredients used by the restaurant’s chefs are locally sourced, thus encouraging local production. The absolutely delicious taste of the dishes confirms to me that the chefs of the restaurant of the Motel Popas Tălmaciu are professional and seek to achieve perfection in every plate created. Their labor is rewarded. The restaurant’s customers are very pleased with the quality of the dishes.

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