Sadu I Energy Museum – “Sigmund Dachler”

The Energy Museum was inaugurated in the main building of Sadu’s small power hydroelectric power plant, on September 19, 1996, on its one hundredth anniversary. It houses exhibits from the production, transmission and distribution of electricity in the Sibiu area. The Museum – a valuable place of Romania’s electro-energy history – is arranged upstairs, in the former homes of personnel that used to work here.

The three rooms contain objects evoking the history of Sadu’s power plant: in the first room (“Cronos”), there are panels representing different phases of construction, the promoters, financiers and builders (Carl Wolf, Partenie Cosma, Oskar von Miller) along with the equipment, sketches, documents and lamps used in public lighting in the early years of the last century, as well as exhibits revealing ideas for the use of electricity at different times in the twentieth century (images taken from different stages of projects considered bold in the mid-war period, such as the electric tram in Sibiu, the use of electricity in agriculture, telephony, electric clocks, etc.). The second room, called “Vulcan” introduces us to the atmosphere of the era. One can see the manager’s office, offices of employees, protective and maintenance equipment, a space dedicated to instruments used in the design offices of those times, vintage photographs. Finally, in the third and last room, “Hermes”, materials evoking Sadu V power plant arrangement (plans, models of the valley and of the plant) are displayed.

Sigmund Dachler was the engineer who ensured the proper functioning of the plant for a good period of time.


Contact: Muzeul Sadu I, loc. Sadu, judetul Sibiu, tel. +40.269.568.557