Paintball Sibiu – Tălmaciu

Paintball is a game where teamwork and strategy come first.

This is a character-building sport in which players can learn about teamwork, gain confidence in themselves, develop leadership skills, and have fun, while releasing the stress.

The purpose of the game is to eliminate opponents by marking them with projectile- capsules made of gelatin, filled with colored, water based mixture (called paintballs). These projectiles are propelled using air guns called markers or paintball guns. The guns run on small cylinders filled with air, carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen under pressure. On impact with an object the ball breaks, its contents spreading and marking the spot with paint.

This game can also be practiced at a professional level. This implies national and international competitions, professional teams, leagues etc. Paintball is used by police and even the army for training purposes.

Paintball is practiced on indoor or outdoor fields varying in size. A playground is dotted with natural or artificial obstacles that participants use to hide. The standard plot measures 50 m x 30 m, enclosed with a special mesh that prevents paintballs from leaving the field and causing accidents. Other locations include forests or decommissioned buildings, are in great demand because they create a combat atmosphere place the player in the desired environment thus giving importance and seriousness to the game. The rules of the game are also diverse and can include capturing the flag, elimination, limiting the number of projectiles used, defending or attacking a particular area or point on land, etc. Depending on the type of game, a game can last a few minutes or even a few days (scenario games).

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