Ocna Sibiului tourist resort

Also known as “The Transylvanian Seaside”, Ocna Sibiului tourist resort is located 17 km away from Sibiu and has a large number of saltwater lakes, some of them declared natural monuments.

Located in the north of Sibiu depression, at an altitude of 408 meters, in an area surrounded by hills covered with oak forests, Ocna Sibiului has deep roots in history.

Ocna Sibiului resort is now famous and is becoming more and more sought after due to natural therapeutic factors which provide high concentrations of salt in the lakes’ waters, slightly mineralized mud and a sedative climate.

At Ocna Sibiului, one can treat with great results musculoskeletal diseases, chronic degenerative rheumatism, arthritis and pre-arthritic states, spondylitis, and various gynecological diseases.

The mud here is rich in minerals and unctuous, being recognized since ancient times for its beneficial effects in rheumatic, neurological, gynecological, orthopedic traumatic, dermatological, and endocrine conditions.

The resort is located 35 km away from Tălmaciu. You can get there on A1 highway or route E81, then county road DJ106B.

Additional information:

Adresa: str. Salinelor , nr. 7, Ocna Sibiului
Website: http://www.lacuriocnasibiului.ro/ / http://www.ocna-sibiu.ro/
Email: info@lacuriocnasibiului.ro
Mobil: 0735.301.901