Păltiniș mountain resort

Păltiniș is an interesting option for spending a prolonged weekend dedicated to winter sports or walks through the “Iezerele Cindrelului” reserve and its famous glacial lakes. Once in Păltiniș, you cannot get bored.

You can ski, climb the nearby wooded peaks or just admire the view that opens before your eyes.

You can visit the Hermitage and the “Constantin Noica” Memorial House. Whether you stay a day or an entire holiday, of one thing you can be sure: you will enjoy yourself, you will feel better and you will keep Păltiniș in your heart for a long period of time.

The resort was founded by the Transylvanian Carpathian Tourist Society – SKV (Siebenbürgischer Karpatenverein) in 1894 and it is the oldest ski resort in Romania.

It is situated on the northeast side of the Cindrel Mountains (Southern Carpathians), in the middle of a pine forest, 32 km southwest of Sibiu.

The mountain resort is situated at the highest altitude in the country (1442m).

The mountain climate, with fresh air, is believed to cure asthenia, Basedow disease, pulmonary sequelae, over-exertion, and benign hyperthyroidism.

The average annual temperature is 4 degrees Celsius (July average is 12 degrees C, and – 6 degrees C in January). Rains are frequent but short and snow lasts 120 days a year. A meteorological phenomenon common in Păltiniș is temperature inversion.

Ski conditions are excellent from December to April. The slopes are accessible for all winter sports enthusiasts.

Some of the old villas are still preserved, such as Casa Turiștilor (1894), Casa Medicilor (1895), Sala Monaco (1898) and another villa, all of them historical monuments.

An important tourist attraction is the hermitage, a wooden church built in the third decade of the twentieth century, where one can see the tomb of Romanian philosopher Constantin Noica.

The place of worship was built by Metropolitan Nicolae Bălan and is dedicated to “The Transfiguration of the Lord”, having an iconostasis made between 1944 and 1945 by Constantin Vasile in a Byzantine style. The fresco was done by Ovid Preotescu. The little church was built by craftsmen from Răşinari. Among the valuables kept in the church there is the icon of St. Paraskevi dating from 1904, and a Psalter from the same period.

Location and access: The resort is situated at an altitude of 1440m in Cindrel Mountains, Sibiu, ransylvania, Romania. You can reach Păltiniș from Tălmaciu through Sibiu (E81) and then DJ106 (a total of 47 km).

Informare suplimentară: http://www.turism.sibiu.ro/


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