Psylocibin 5-8 iulie 2019

Transylvaliens revine sub alt nume, dar in aceeasi locatie, Talmacel, Lunca Larga, intre 5-8 iulie.

Let’s write together another chapter of this wonderful story called PsyloCibin!
We need to recreate every little detail of this magical universe full of mystique energies, good vibrations and unique moments spent somewhere near Cibin river with great people dancing all night on an entire madness of psytrance rhythms in front of really big speakers, and after that to bring all of this to a new place and make all those things bigger and better than ever.
This festival edition it’s a new beginning for all of us, a new chance to structure all the new information’s learned from the past and to learn some new ones for the future.

This is the third chapter of our story!!

All that being said, let’s see what awaits us at this Festival Edition!

Presale TIckets Phase 1: 22 EURO // 100 RON
Phase 2: 32 EURO // 150 RON
Gate Ticket: 46 EURO // 220 RON
1 Day Ticket: 19 EURO // 90 RON

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